Tuckpointing Toronto

What is TuckPointing?

Tuckpointing sometimes referred to as repointing or brick pointing, is the process of finishing or repairing mortar joints between bricks or stones using lime putty or fine beads of fine lime mortar. It renews the exterior of the building, but its purpose is more than aesthetic. It also helps maintain or enhance structural integrity by blocking moisture. Experienced masons must perform Tuckpointing to prevent further moisture problems and damage to walls and chimneys.

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Unfortunately we live in Toronto, Canada and the winter are at its worst the concrete erodes quickly if not repaired or restored, we use the all methods of innovative materials that can improve the length of your home or business, we offer written warranties and insurances to provide quality trade skills and safe work sites. Please see pictures below for work references in concrete restoration methods to save you money and from rebuilding, which can be costly. We have many years of professionalism with under-pinning structural repairs and restorations in under ground concrete erosion, reinforced concrete specialist. Building foundation with cinder block or reinforced concrete walls, concrete repairs and parging repairs the best foundation contractors in the GTA.

Grout usually lasts 20 to 30 years before maintenance is required. Our well-trained masons or construction professionals can inspect the exterior of the building to determine if and when Tuckpointing is needed. Even if you do not need it right away, it is important to be proactive in planning and budgeting as part of your master plan.

The obvious signs of damage to the mortar may be cracked, broken, partially missing, or protruding mortar joints. In severe cases, bricks and stones can also be chipped, cracked, broken, or detached from the building and these conditions require immediate attention from your part to prevent further damage to the structure.

Ideally, perform TuckPointing as a precautionary measure before brick walls or masonry clearly indicate the need for repair. Finding the first signs of mortar damage can be difficult for the average person and need an expert’s opinion, so consult with our expert to assess your needs in Toronto.
If you are considering expanding your facility, ask our site manager to review the necessary repairs for your existing facility and incorporate them into your construction budget.

In old masonry buildings, it is especially important to point to grout joints. This is usually due to the lack of air gaps, vents, and vents that are common today. Without these properties, moisture can continue to move through the masonry to the internal finish. This path can develop, which causes additional health problems in your building. In cold climates, infiltrated or condensed moisture freezes on the wall mount and can degrade building materials if it cannot escape.

Therefore, you need to consult with our professional to know more about TuckPointing Toronto and help your building to last long.

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