Stone Restoration Services

Stone restoration is the restoring of worn out stones, marbles, granite terrazzo and all other natural stone surfaces to the original state they were during fixing. It may involve changing the stone surface to match a nice finish as desired by the owner. Restoration of natural stone or polished marble entails removing scratches or damage from the stone surface of the stone using mechanical abrasion.

Stone restoration is usually done by a professional or well-trained stone technician, using the proper tools. When it comes to stone restoration, JD Build masonry has got you covered, kindly get in touch with us for professional stone restoration services such as grinding, honing, polishing, cleaning, sealing, stripping, etc.

Masonry is one of the most long-lasting of historic building and construction materials, but it is still prone to damage by poor maintenance or extended exposure to weather and humidity. Regular maintenance most leaks and wears to the internal structural support can be avoided.

At JD Build masonry, we are masonry restoration contractors and have developed superior skills in the significant preservation and masonry repairs on older buildings.

Stone Masonry

However old a building can be, it can always be restored to its original beauty.

We fabricate stones and can comfortably supply any project with authentic reproductions of existing stonework, designed to the exact details of the original piece. We duplicate existing architectural features and can also get any stone needed for accurate historical restoration. The specialities that we procure include columns, floors, carvings, windows, etc.

At JD Build Masonry, we also do Ornamental Restoration and can repair elements such as mouldings, ceilings, cornices, wall details, etc. We repair ornamental pieces or have them reproduced to any required specifications.

We also do Limestone Restoration services including; limestone replacement, surface cleaning and limestone repair.

Residential Masonry

JD Build Masonry specializes in manufactured stone fixing for top-leading homeowners and home developers throughout Toronto. Being a residential masonry contractors, at JD Build Masonry, our residential department is, so far our fastest growing department. We have approached the developers’ market in a unique way that rationalizes the application for multi-home developers.

As residential masonry contractors, we have nurtured good relationships with the suppliers, manufacturers, and producers all over the country to provide our developers with real pocket-friendly process around. Try us, for superior and professional touch in your residential development, you will be glad you did it!