Stone Repair and Replacement

Looking for a sandstone or limestone repair company?

JD Build Masonry has you covered as it offers you stone repair and replacement solutions. Our services range from architectural details such as cornices, facades, and lintels, to balustrades, portico and stone windows. We are one of the leading stone installers in Toronto giving you high-quality stone solutions in stone veneer.Our company uses several methods to cater to your stone repair needs. We recommend the natural stone replacement method for repair work. Here, all the defective stone masonry is cut out and replaced with newer pieces of natural stones that geologically match. As stone installers, we understand that compatibility is vital in any stone repair as it ensures that replacement stones do not cause decay of adjacent masonry.


Looking for a sandstone or limestone repair company?

For clients with a bit more complicated repair or replacement works, JD Build Masonry still caters to your masonry needs. We use stone indenting or piercing in method to replace decaying stonework.. For such repairs, our company uses geologically compatible stones.Among our stone repair services include stone surface repair. Such repairs are carried out on the stone that has been damaged on its surface. The repairs are done using repair mortar, which results in minimal disruption to the structure. For these repairs, the natural stone repair mortar is employed and uses a combination of natural hydraulic lime, clean potable water, and blended sands. Our highly qualified stone installers mix this combination on site to suit a client’s particular masonry conditions, as well as strengths and colors.The second option we use is synthetic stone repair mortar which is usually a manufactured mixture of aggregates and polymers with a catalyzing agent. This option is awesome as the end products are light and dry quickly. Additionally, where the masonry works need invisible stone repair, this mortar can be stained to match the adjacent stonework.

JD Build Masonry has the best stone installers of stone veneer. The company offers you light stones that have been carved into thin slices, making it easier and faster to transport anywhere. As a result, stone veneers have become our leading stone masonry solutions. We install them for your indoor and outdoor spaces in a wide array of styles. The most common areas clients have requested stone veneer are rustic fireplaces, dining rooms, bathrooms and backyard kitchens.

We are a leading company dealing in stone repair, stone veneer and have been acclaimed as the best stone installers in Toronto.

We provide all methods restoration and new building with innovative techniques or designing.
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