Our Projects

Our Projects

Markham, ONT.

Heritage Restoration,
Toronto Masonry

Brick Restoration & Foundation Wall Restoration: Support and demolish existing brickwork and reclaim possible materials for historic masonry repair to rebuild foundation with block work then install matching 18th century heritage building brickwork with existing arches, using lime masonry for brickwork and lime masonry cement for stone foundation restoration.

The Beach,

Flagstone Restoration,
Hardscape Construction

Masonry Services: Flagstone, Patio & Staircase Restoration, Demolish existing materials and reclaim then rebuild stonework walls and staircase, use bonding agents for proper adhesion. Install coping for walls and build patio with Ashlar design pattern flagstone on a reinforced concrete floating pad, tuckpointing all necessary surrounding areas.


Concrete Restoration,
Masonry Contractor

Masonry Services: Foundation Restoration & Walkway Replacement: Demolish foundation wall and concrete walk, form and pour new walkway with retaining wall, build new exterior brick walls and cement parging with finish of foundation wall. Tuckpointing all masonry walls above using colored tinting, matching the existing brickwork.

Columns & Pillars

Column Rebuild
Masonry Contractor

Masonry Service: Column Rebuild & Pillar Restoration: Demolish brickwork and stone coping then reclaim, rebuild foundation and install metal re-bar foundation to brickwork approx. 6′ ft. then build brick columns/pillars matching existing work or historical, then install coping and re-install existing wood column.

The Beach, Toronto

Tuckpointing, Brick Repair,
Wall Coping &
Masonry Contracting

Masonry Services: Tuckpointing, Brick Repair & Wall Coping: Demolish brick overhead of garage door and replace metal lintel and waterproof metal angle, rebuild brickwork and re-point where needed then install weepers. Remove existing metal railing from top of brick wall and diamond cut brickwork wall 3″ inches removing partial wall to install new coping stone and re-install railing as was.

Forrest Hill, Toronto

Stone Fireplace Restoration
Fireplace Contracting

Fireplace Restoration, Chimney Tuckpointing & Firebox Repair: Demolish damaged field stone and coping, grind-out masonry between damage pointing and remove all loose debris. Relay existing field stones and coping as existing then tuckpointing with type S masonry with bonding agent for high durability, tuckpointing chimney & clay-liner then re-point firebox with high heat furnace clay masonry.

Masonry openings, Enclosures & Extensions

Toronto Masonry Contracting Window / Door Conversions

JD Build Masonry works with concrete or masonry wall opening and closing for windows, doors, etc. We’ve worked with various areas of construction in residential to commercial building in Toronto area for 20 years of value, quality of workmanship relating to detailing brickwork for the wall enclosures brick removal, or brick restoration for the extensions. Installing stone window precast or natural stone sill work or custom work like Indiana limestone or flagstone stonework to brick repair.

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